I had the opportunity of capturing a breathtaking mansion for posterity, this mansion was built in 1990 on an 8-acre lot in Pacific Palisades. The mansion has 7 bedrooms, two kitchens, on property staff, tennis court, pool and a panoramic view of Los Angeles.

It also has a 5,600-square-foot master bedroom suite, eight-car garage, 50 telephones, 20 televisions, a clothes closet larger than most mobile homes and a drawing room with a 23-foot-high ceiling that construction workers have sometimes used as a basketball court.

Below you can find some of the photography that was planned.


TheViewARH_2330_HDR NightFrontARH_2463 DayFrontARH_2403 EntryARH_2357_HDR


FirstFloorsideARH_2153_HDR FormalDiningARH_2096_HDR

CloseupARH_2373 CloseupARH_2368

FormalLiving01ARH_2444 FormalLiving03ARH_2446

HallwayARH_2437 InformalDiningARH_2090_HDR

InformalLivingRoomARH_2451_HDR Kitchen_ARH_2084_HDR Libary01ARH_2449 upstairsbedroom1ARH_2242_HDR